Makeup Tips to Cover Up Your Acne Scars

Ladies, let’s be honest. Acne scars can be a frustrating and confidence-reducing skincare issue for many people. While numerous treatments are available to fade any acne scar over time, makeup is an excellent option for instantly covering up these blemishes.

However, not all makeup techniques work equally well on acne scars. We’ve talked to some professionals, and we’ve found several techniques that can help conceal your acne scars effectively using makeup. Do you want to know about them? Read on.

Gently Pat the Concealer to Blend It Well

When applying concealer to acne scars, it’s vital to blend it well for a natural-looking finish. By gently patting the product into your skin with your fingertips or a makeup sponge, you’ll get a better result.

Start by dabbing a small amount of concealer onto each scar, focusing on building up coverage gradually rather than adding too much at once. Then, use light tapping motions with your fingers or sponge to blend out the edges and seamlessly blend them into your skin.

Use Criss-Cross Motions When Applying Concealer


When it comes to covering up acne scars, using concealer can be a great option. However, simply applying the product over your scarred areas may not always do the trick. In fact, if you’re not careful about how you apply your concealer, it could end up looking cakey and unnatural.

One technique that can help prevent this is to use criss-cross motions when applying your concealer. This involves blending the product in by making small “X” shapes with your brush or sponge. Not only does this method ensure that the product is evenly distributed across your skin, but it also helps avoid excess buildup in any area.

Apply Liquid Foundation Using a Stippling Brush

Your liquid foundation is everything that can even out your skin tone, concealing blemishes and acne scars. However, applying it perfectly can be quite tricky without the right tools. One technique that you might find useful when applying liquid foundation is using a stippling brush. Stippling brushes have two layers of bristles – long and short – that work together to create an airbrushed finish.

Before starting with your liquid foundation, ensure your face is clean and moisturized. Then, put a small amount onto the back of your hand or directly on the brush. Using a circular motion, dab the brush all over your face until you achieve an even coverage.

Start With Primer and End With Finishing Spray

face sprayThese two products are essential for making sure your makeup lasts all day without budging or smudging. A good primer can help fill in any uneven texture on the skin’s surface caused by acne scars. It can create a smooth base for your foundation, helping it apply evenly and preventing it from settling into fine lines or pores.

Once you’ve finished applying all your makeup products, don’t forget to set everything in place with a finishing spray. This final step helps lock in moisture and prevent oils from breaking down the makeup throughout the day. Plus, many sprays also contain ingredients like antioxidants that can benefit the skin over time.

Covering up acne scars with makeup is an effective way to boost your confidence and feel great about yourself. Following these tips and tricks, you can nail your makeup with such a flawless base that helps conceal all of your imperfections.

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